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Importer Security Filing
ISF (10+2)

We File ISF 24/7 for Shipments to Any Port
in the United States

ISF Essentials:
1. ISF must be filed for all sea shipments.
2. ISF must be filed at least 24 hours before vessel departs from foreign port.
3. Customs penalty is up to $5,000 on each ISF violation.

What do we need for filing the ISF?
 1. ISF Information
    Need AMS Bill of Lading number.
    Need information for below 10 data elements: 

         1. Importer of Record number                2. Consignee number                            3. Seller's name and address    

           4. Buyer's name and address                   5. Ship to Party name and address         6. Country of origin                                         

         7. Manufacture or Supplier's name and address                     8. Commodity HTS classification number

           9. Container Stuffing Location name and address                  10. Consolidator (stuffer) name and address

    Please utilize this ISF form to send us the ISF information.

 2. Power of Attorney and Proof of ID
   A. Power of Attorney (download form)
   B. Proof of ID
       a. If use EIN (employer identification number) as importer number, we
          need a copy of IRS SS-4 EIN assignment letter as proof.
       b. If use SSN (social security number) as importer number, we need a copy of
           Social Security Card (both sides) as proof, and need to know the individual's date of birth. 

3. Payment
   Cash, Check, Wire Transfer, or PayPal.