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 Our staff is fully trained, experienced,
and knowledgeable in all matters relating
to U.S. Customs, FDA, USDA, EPA, DOT,
and logistics. We are licensed to clear
all types of shipments at any port within
the United States.

 Contact us for a quote, or for an advice
about your import Customs clearance and
ISF filing. We are the best Customs broker
in San Francisco to assist you personally
and cater to your specific needs.

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 As a Customs broker in San Francisco Port, Oriox Customs Broker, Inc. provides Customs clearance, ISF filing, Customs bond, cargo insurance, transportation, and warehousing
services to importers of all sizes across the country.                             

 Servicing the trade community with its prompt, professional, reliable, and personalized Customs brokerage services since 1996, Oriox CHB has earned a solid reputation of being one of the
most efficient and notable Customs brokers
in San Francisco Bay Area.